Last year, more than a million people visited Dubrovnik and its surroundings, with more than half a million of them who chose Dubrovnik as their main destination. Be it because of the culture and sights or because of the natural beauties it can be proud of, Dubrovnik is becoming an increasingly popular destination every year. Tourists who visit Dubrovnik spend on average up to 170 euros a day, mostly on accommodation, gastronomy, but also on culture, entertainment, and new experiences, including boat trips around Dubrovnik, with more and more guests opting for various boat tours when visiting Dubrovnik.

Thanks to Dubrovnik boat tours, tourists can be sure they will see all the natural beauty that the southern Adriatic has to offer, including those hidden places they wouldn’t otherwise be able to see.


One of such places is the island or peninsula of Sikirica, which is located near the town of Brsečine, about twenty kilometers west of Dubrovnik. On the mainland side of Sikirica, there are several pebble beaches, hidden from prying eyes, so this place is considered one of the most romantic places in Dubrovnik and the surrounding area. Sikirica itself is a rocky beach with a several pine trees that create shade, and because not many people know about this place, it is a real hidden gem and untouched wilderness that you can reach by boat on one of boat tours.

Except from this wonderful peninsula, another wonderful and hidden location you can visit on one of your Dubrovnik boat trips is Blue Cave, situated on the island of Koločep, right next to the city of Dubrovnik. The boat ride to this location will be a little longer, around one hour, but once you get there, you will see it was all worth it – this cave has for many years been among the top five most famous and beautiful caves in the world and the stunning blue glow of this cave will leave you breathless.


And if you already find yourself in this cave, it would be a shame not to go a little further by boat, to the neighboring island of Lopud. A boat ride a little further will take you to one of the most beautiful beaches on the Adriatic, sandy beach Šunj, located on the southeast side of the island of Lopud, in a beautiful bay that can be reached by boat. Almost a kilometer long, the beach is so shallow that you must walk more than 100 meters to be able to swim and that is why it is very suitable for families with small children. This hidden bay is the perfect location for a day trip by boat from Dubrovnik.