If you are a gourmet who loves delicious food or simply like to try local dishes in every new
place you visit, then you must not miss the outstanding Dubrovnik cuisine. Dubrovnik is
especially famous for its desserts, some meat dishes, but, just like the rest of Dalmatia, it is
also famous for its fish specialties. If you want to tickle your taste buds with some of the most
delicious dishes in the south of Croatia, these are the ones you simply must try.


Šporki makaruli

“Šporki makaruli”, or dirty macaroni are a famous dish that consists of boiled pasta
(makaruli) seasoned with lard and cinnamon, and served with a sauce made from beef,
tomatoes, parsley, garlic and red wine. This combination gives this dish loads of flavor, and
for a complete experience, add some grated cheese at the end.


Dubrovačka rožata

A famous dessert from these areas is Dubrovačka rožata, traditional Dalmatian pudding. It is
made of egg cream with a caramel topping and is usually served with sweet liqueur or fruit.
But if you ask old locals, they will confirm that the original rožata is the one made with
Dubrovnik rose liqueur.



The most famous Dalmatian meat dish is definitely the tasty pašticada. This beef dish cooks
for hours so that the meat is tender, and the sauce is rich and savory thanks to the combination
of bacon, onions, carrots, prunes, parsley, and nutmeg. It is usually served with homemade
pasta or gnocchi, and it is a dish you must try.



This traditional delicacy is prepared at almost every house in Dubrovnik, and it is made of
orange peels – they are first boiled in sugared water, and after they are dried and decorated,
they are served as candies. It can also be a great souvenir for true gourmets!

Crni rižot

When it comes to seafood in Dubrovnik, there are plenty of options, but the one dish you
can’t go wrong with is definitely “crni rižot” or black risotto. It gets its dark color from squid
ink, and the recipes often include shellfish. This is a unique and popular dish you must try
during your trip to Dubrovnik.