If you want some activities besides sunbathing and enjoying local delicacies and wines, the Dubrovnik region is just the right place for you! Of course, most of these activities are linked with the sea, so demanding water sports buffs will be satisfied with the versatile tourist offer. Swimming is the best exercise, especially early in the morning or in the evening when the waves are not too big. If you are looking for some sports activities  on land, we recommend cycling.


Pelješac Channel between the peninsula and island of Korčula is among the best windsurfing localities in Croatia due to good winds. Beginners are advised to try windsurfing in the morning when the wind is light and more experienced surfers will be delighted with the afternoon meastral. „Wind catchers“ pick the surfer’s paradise near Viganj and the tourist resort Pern in Kućište where you can rent all equipment. True surfers flock here for some great fun in the sun and to catch favourable winds. Anyhow, this is not some posh resort for leisure cocktail party.


Although cycling by the sea is a nice fitness in majority resorts, it is especially refreshing in the old pine forests near the lakes in Mljet National Park. If you are more into off-road cycling you can go to Mljet’s summits. Since there is little traffic , the main island road can also serve as a cycling track. Excellent courses on Korčula are around the village Blato and some of them are really demanding. There are many resorts where you can rent a bicycle.


Check out the nature from a completely different perspective and look into the hidden coves, enjoy beautiful pristine beaches and schools of fish that will follow you on your journey. Kayaking below the city walls is really enjoyable as well as the tour of nearby Lokrum.


Try to avoid convincing someone from Dubrovnik that you are better in water polo because this sport is the pride of the city and almost everyone enjoy playing. But if you want to watch, learn or play this hard and yet very popular sport here, you have come to the right place. There are numerous water polo playfields in the city  and vicinity, and the only thing you need is a yellow polo ball and some small embankment. Remember, Dubrovnik is the capital of water polo and it will be very hard to win the game against the locals.


If possible, try not to miss a diving excursion! Whether you are pro diver or want to try it, visit some of the numerous diving clubs in the region. The unique experience is the seabed museum in the Cavtat waters which is the largest amphorae site in the Adriatic. The objects from a sunken 3rd century ship are scattered on the depth of 30m and protected by a metal cage.


Text is taken from Dubrovnik – The Riviera and islands by J. Žilić, D. Pek and F.Kozina